Rumor of Facebook working on Modular smartphone surfaces yet again


Modular smartphones are the new ones in the market. With these smartphones, you guys can just swap existing components for better ones for better experience. It is similar as like of project Ara, which has now been abonded as far as I know. Well, I feel it’s the next something big in the smartphone industry, if it is excuted in righr manner. 

I can say that because Facebook has started working on modular smartphones which needs loads of research, funds and analytical well being and the social network have abundance of that along with fleet of skilled employees.  Though we are not sure about it, but then we know it had recently filed a patent ‘modular electromechanical device’. This actually gives us a clue about Facebook’s future research plans.

Facebook hasn’t made anything official yet. But the patent does mention a smartphone as well as a speaker.

As said above, earlier Google had also been working on similar project named Project Ara. But last year it scraped it, reasons being unknown. The interesting part is that a few members of the Project Ara are working in Building 8 of Facebook, it’s consumer hardware division. Apart from this, researchers at Building 8 are also working on different projects like typing with your mind and even understanding languages through your skin.

Let’s hope Facebook gets success in these projects. Though filing a patent does not mean that company is going to launch something. As earlier many patents have been filed but also scraped without any results.

Let’s see what future has for us. What do you guys rhink? 


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