Samsung acknowledges Ultrasonic Fingerprint issue on latest Galaxy flagships


The recently uncovered ultrasonic fingerprint flaw on the latest Galaxy S and Note Series has become another PR nightmare for Samsung. In a bid to calm the concerned users of its flaghips, the Korean-Giant has now issued a statememt acknowledging the issue.

In the newly issued statement, Samsung sraraightforwardly admits the flaw on unltrasonic fingerpint sensors caused due to some third-party screen protectors. Also warns the users to avoid such third party silicon protective covers until these affected devices get updated with a new software patch. The software update which is supposed to fix the flaw is likely to hit the devices soon in coming week as an emergency security update.

As per Samsung, the issue involved ultrasonic fingerprint sensors unlocking devices after recognizing 3D patterns appearing on certain silicone screen protecting cases as users’ fingerprints. The security flaw which was first detected by a lady, is indeed alarming as the devices with such cheap protective case on can be unlocked by anyone.

So, if you own either of the affected Galaxy devices, we recommend you to avoid such cheap protective covers to be on a safer side. Moreover, update the software as soon as Samsung releases the patch to be safe in future as well. We can’t wait to see how Samsung will fix the issue via software patch.



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