Samsung announces long-lasting “Pro Endurance” SD Card

Samsung rules the semi-conductor and memory solutions industry. You can barely find a smartphone device that doesn’t house at least one of the memory components from the Korean Giant. Either it may be fast DRAM or high capacity SSD’s most of the OEM’s prefer one that has “Samsung” stamped on it. That said, to its vast number of memory solutions currently available, Samsung has tucked in a new microSD branded as Samsung Pro announces long-lasting "pro endurance" sd card

As the branding itself is more than enough to make us understand. The new microSD card is build with the focus on endurance, longevity and durability. At a glance, the industrial-class leading SD Card is a boon for those who are in need of reliable storage for intensive video applications.

Samsung says that its new microSDHC/microSDXC card offers “industry-leading” endurance while being capable of up to 43,800 hours of continuous video recording.

Designed for consumers and B2B channel customers who use intensive video monitoring applications such as surveillance and security cameras, body cameras and dash cams, the PRO Endurance makes continuous video monitoring fast and stable.”


The new Samsung Pro Endurance also features best-in class protection capable to withstand rash environments, as it’s water, temperature, magnetic and x-ray proof. Offering 25 times endurance compared to the previous generations, that too without compromise in data transfer speed. Samsung claims, the memory card can provide read speeds of up to 100MB/s with support for FHD recording and 4K with write speeds of up to 30MB/s. As usual, a  five-year warranty is attached to the product.

Samsung Pro Endurance memory cards are available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities for $24.99, $44.99 and $89.99 respectively.

He is so desperate to try Custom Roms such that tripped Knox of his brand new Galaxy within 24 Hrs of its purchase. Purely "flashaholic" and can torture his device to any extend for deadly customizations.


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