Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s SPen tipped to have some sort of “somatosensory operations”


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is only few weeks away from us. As per the various renders and leaks that’d surfaced all these while, we can expect the next-gen Samsung Note to be phenomenal. Obviously, SPen is what makes a Note device a “Note” to say the least, and unfortunately most of the leaks didn’t mention anything special about this little but miraculous hardware. Nonetheless, a fresh report has something new to say about the SPen.

As per the renowned Samsung tipster – Ice Universe, one of the major upgradation to the SPen will be the addition of somatosensory operations. To be honest, we don’t have any concrete idea about how that is going to function on SPen.

A simple Googling suggests the term somatosensory to be related with sensation (such as pressure, pain, or warmth). As such, our wild guess points out to the plausible inclusion of presssure detection. May be Samsung might ditch the SPen button altogether to pave the way for pressure gestures to carry out various functions. Again, it’s just our wild guess and we’ve to wait till the Unpacked event to know more about the so called somatosensory capability of the Galaxy Note 10’s SPen.

The tipster has also confirmed the Galaxy Note 10 to feature the latest UFS 3.0 storage standard. In case if you don’t know, the UFS 3.0 improves the overall read/write speed of the device. Nonetheless, he’s also stated that there’s literally no improvement in the camera and CPU performance departments, which is a bummer in deed.

That being said, are you excited about the somatosensory feature of the SPen? And what you think of the Note 10 Series as whole on the basis of recent information, do let us know down in the comments.

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