Samsung may use the on-screen fingerprint reader in the Galaxy Note 9

Talking about the Galaxy Note 8 is too common nowadays. So, for a change, let’s speculate about the Galaxy Note 9. New reports from KGI seem to indicate that the next wave of Galaxy Notes will come with an on-screen fingerprint sensor. While the Galaxy S9 will be devoid of the next gen tech. Interestingly, even Apple is set to give the feature a miss in the latest iPhone 8. At least that is what the majority of rumors are pointing out.

samsung may use the on-screen fingerprint reader in the galaxy note 9

The KGI report is no longer live as it has been pulled down but suffice to say it is more of a speculative nature, rather than a factual report. We still have a long way to go before we actually see a Galaxy Note 9, so much can change between then and today. This also spells some bad news for the Galaxy S9 as the fingerprint sensor might be placed in the same annoying position.

The KGI report also states that Samsung is set to sign up a new partner for the expensive new sensors in the shape of Egis and shun Synaptics it’s current supplier. The new sensors are also said to cost up to 3 to 4 times more so the Note lineup will get even more expensive.

Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum
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  1. Nice. I’ll have to get off of the ‘New Device Every Six Months Merry-Go-Round’ at some point; I have a veritable stack of LG’s and Samsung’s issue of the past several years. I also have a number of my late-fiancée’s devices which she left to me. All of these ‘old’ phones still work well enough to still be useful. Having to have the ‘latest and greatest’ in one’s possession is marketing coup for the manufacturers.


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