Samsung Previews Next Gen 28nm Exynos Dual And Quad Core Processors.

Samsung’s new dual and quad-core Exynos CPUs could prove even better. For starters, the new chips are built on a 32nm die compared to the outgoing Exynos line’s 45nm size. That means smaller parts that draw less power, while delivering better performance. The as yet unnamed Exynos parts will come in dual- and quad-core configurations running at up to 1.5GHz. 

Boasting a performance boost of up to 26% faster than ’11 chips, these Exynos chips use about 50% less power. As an added bonus, each core has the ability to be shut-off independently, further increasing power efficiency when needed. The GPU on these new chips is also capable of pumping out around 57 million polygons per second. 
 As MWC comes and goes and actual hardware begins hitting our hands, we’ll be interested to see just how different Nvidia and Samsung’s mobile CPUs really are, which is better, and ultimately which one you should lust after most.
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