[SN] Google Forcing To Switch To Hangouts, GTALK Now History

Google announced  that from February 16, users will have to switch from GTalk to Hangouts. Currently, main focus of android users was GTalk, Hangouts were almost neglected.  They like it or not, users will now have to switch from GTalk to Hangouts.


You will be almost surprised to know that GTalk is unavailable for download from Google. Those who intended to download GTalk from Google were redirected towards Hangouts. Search Giant is probably visualizing more future here. Users found it quite confusing when they were asked to download Hangouts after clicking on GTalk .
Google has made it quite clear that GTalk will no longer be operational starting Feb 16.

Hangouts isn’t as popular as other messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Hike, etc. Google is trying to provide these extra features such as voice calling , video calling , instant messaging, etc.


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