Some Useful Tips To Make Gmail Productive on Android

Though the mobile version of the mail application as productive as the desktop version but still it has its perks. The mobile version comes with a lot of useful tools that tend to help you out and once you learn how to use these, your productivity is definitely going to increase. Here are some useful tips to make Gmail productive right on your Android Phone:

productive gmail

The Search:

The search is one of the most simple tool and yet very effective. But still people use this feature wrong. If you are using this to find our filet or specific email you have not used the tool efficiently. You can use this feature with more power and produce better results by using various operators.  Like you could list the label on the email, the recipients and many more. And also you could try out different keyword combination with these.  Have a look at the syntax below that you could use to filter emails like a boss.


Now in this the search will find mail containing the keyword goandroid, and search for mails in your sent folder and which is from the last two days only. The addition of operators really makes the search thing very very handy. Provided you know how to use it properly. You could learn more about using these operators in the Google support page.

Selection Tweaks:

In the latest version there are no tick boxes by which you could select the mails. But the changes are made for better you can select the email by tapping on the image on the right of the the email right away. But if you have set an option as to hide those images then you could select those emails by long pressing them. Also you could select two emails by long pressing them adjacent. Also you select three mails too.


The mail notifications are a perfect way to stay connected and ensure that you’ll never miss out on a message which is important. But the notifications also make you too irritated at some point of time by giving you notifications about junk email while you are relaxing for at home.  So to avoid these situations you could filet or the mails according to specific labels. And then you would only get modifications about the people you want.

So these were some of the tools that you could use for Gmail on your Android phone to improve your productivity.  I hope it would help you to get better results.

Umpreet Singh
Umpreet Singh
A young blogger, loves to write about cool optimization tricks and Android geek , to guide you through your apk experience.


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