Sony Nexus X Revealed In Leaked Photos – Sony Working With Google


sony nexus x

Guys get ready for Sony Nexus X as pictures leaked revealed Sony Nexus X. Pics revealed through picasa are hinting us that rumor of different nexus device from different manufactures is coming to be true. If nexus from Sony and LG Nexus 4 is here then where’s Motorola and Samsung?

According to a post from Xperia Blog several pictures of a device that may be the “Nexus X” made by Sony. It is unclear though whether the device, which looks like the Xperia Ion smartphone, is a Nexus device. As The Verge notes, the rumored Sony device has “Google” on the back instead of the “With Google” logo found on LG Electronics’ rumored Nexus 4.

Now, just when we were settling on the idea of Google launching only a single Nexus phone at the end of this month, these images pop up. So we’re pegging this as fake until more concrete information surfaces. For more coverage on nexus device  devices get here.

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