Nexus 7 32 GB To Go On Sale In UK?


nexus 7 32 gb

We saw many users wants more space on Nexus Device. I think their wish is coming true as UK tech site ITProPortal says the 32GB Nexus 7 will appear in a Christmas gift guide for catalog chain Argos, priced at £199.99, they say they heard about it via retailers.

Earlier, Spanish retailer Phone House added a preorder page offering the same device for £279 ($361.64) and in one more case 32GB model was even shipped to one Japanese buyer in place of a 16GB unit.

So guys this may be the reason that various retailers dropped down the price of Nexus Tablet in recent weeks. But we are not sure as no confirmation is given by Google and nor Asus.

Guys would you buy it if Nexs 7 32 GB will come? Share your views about it.


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