Sony To Open Up Gallery Stores In The US


Sony is going to boost its retail footprint in the US in order to gain more sales. Sony also wanted to end third party commissions also by opening up their own Gallery stores and reopening its old stores in the country.

sony-stores us

Similarly HTC and Samsung has beefed up its presence in the United States to gain more exposure and to compete with Apple. Now what are gallery stores? its concept to showcase its most popular products in a tent. Sony recently launched its Sony Store in the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto California.

Sony is also going to reopen its new concept stores in Miami, San Diego, and Orlando with same exposure like in Palo Alto. Well, Galleries will take place in San Francisco and New Jersey. As stated above it will showcases the popular devices from its TVs, cameras, computers, and audio products.

What you say? Are you going to experience these new zones from Sony? Share your views.

Source: Sony Blog Via: PhoneArena


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