Strava is finally synced back up with Google Fit

Strava is a GPS- based platform that tracks exercises like running and cycling. In fact, it is one of the most appreciated tool to track progress. Strava runs on various existing platforms including Fitbit, Apple Fitness, and Google Fit. However, lately, Strava users were not able to sync their fitness data with Google Fit. But, now the issue has been resolved.


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A couple of days ago, users reported that the app appeared “blocked,” either by some automatic process within Google or a manual review. It displayed “To keep your account safe, Google blocked this access.”

Though this is a common issue with apps that run Google APIs, and this was also not so major. But, reportedly, this problem was faced by all the users of Strava, giving it more hype.

Initially, Strava support acknowledged the sync issue with an updates message that read, “Strava’s connection with Google Fit is in review, and we expect it to be approved soon.” However, the exact date of when the issue will be resolved was not provided. But this sure gave assurance and relaxation to the users.

As always, Google stands true to its words, and the glitch was finally resolved. Today, the app came back to normal and the sync feature was not a trouble anymore. The updated post said, “Strava’s connection with Google Fit has been restored.” On the other hand, the company admitted that it is aware of some persisting issues that some users face concerning sync activities.

Some users have restored the normal version while others are still facing the issues. Now, that the company has addressed the glitch, it will hopefully resolve for all the users and will get back to 100% functionality.

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