Google will allow user to turn off app tracking by end of this year

With all the privacy controversies going around about Android and apps, Apple made privacy the utmost priority. With the App Tracking Transparency feature, Apple has made the feature uncompromisable for iOS users. Google as well, has come up with a similar feature that will make way by the end of this year.

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We may say that this is an identical feature as Apple iOS, but it will differ in terms of implementation. Unlike Apple, Android will offer a toggle button which will allow user to enable/disable app tracking at one go. Keep in note that this feature will not be enabled by default, in fact, users will have to turn on the toggle to enable the feature.

Whereas, for Apple devices, the feature is enabled by default. Also, it allows for app-level control over tracking by advertisersit. In short, this will give option to users to select which apps they will prefer to track them.


Google informed that by keeping this feature off, advertisers will not be able to access the users IDFA. Therefore, advertisers will not be able to track the online activities like the product/ service they have searched for, or the sites they have visited. Introduction to this feature will be a drawbag for as agencies. If we see closely, Google’s business itself will be effected with this update.

Talking about Apple, the company offer the feature with its latest iOS 14.5 update. Maybe Google will also offer some similar limitation, though it is not yet sure. According to the Mountain View company, the feature will start rolling out by the end of this year as an update to its Google Play Services. Also, this update will have a phase-wise rollout and eventually will be available for everyone by early 2022.

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