Telegram v4.2 adds self-destruct messages, add bio to your profile and more


Telegram has become a popular messaging platform started just in 2013. But the service is being used by more than 100 million daily active users. It offers some features which other popular apps like WhatsApp don’t hence its carved out a niche for itself. Now the app brings some new features with update 4.2. Here are some more recent updates of the app.


The changelog lists self-destructing messages as the top new feature. That’s another feather in its hat as WhatsApp doesn’t yet support it. But there are others like BlackBerry Messenger who have had this option for long.

Self-destructing messages are sometimes vital in conversations when you don’t want your message to be misused. This feature will allow Telegram users to do that. Users can set a timer for the message to destruct in due time. If someone takes a screenshot of that media, you will be informed about that action.

Also, now the app gives you more personality online, as you’ll be able to add a bio to your profile from the settings menu. With the app allowing thousand of users in one group, this was one sorely needed feature.

I guess looking at a group list will be more interesting now. The update also allows you to edit photos faster with the upgraded photo editor, and the sticker panel can now take up the full screen so they don’t have to be constricted in tight areas.

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