Telegram X update brings Notifications 2.0, multi-account 2.0 and more


Telegram is one of the most popular cloud-based messaging app available for smartphones. However, not so many would be aware of the existence of Telegram X, which is nothing but can be said as an extended edition of the Telegram. The Telegram X is now getting major improvements in the name of April Update.

While the changes are many with the latest Telegram X, the notable includes revamped notifications and improved multi-account capability. Telegram calls them as Notifications 2.0 and Multi-Account 2.0.


The changelog given on Google Play Store is soon:

  • Notifications 2.0: Rebuilt from scratch with advanced controls for active users & improved reliability
  • Create and participate in polls
  • Delete chat history on both ends in private chats
  • Multi-account 2.0: use an infinite number of accounts without increasing resources usage
  • Install & share language pack links
  • Online status in the chats list
  • Pin messages in saved messages
  • Improved censorship circumvention

Speaking of the notifications 2.0. Telegrams say notifications have been rebuilt from scratch, bringing improved behaviour & reliability, new features & customizations, and reduced background battery usage. There’re some highlights such as notifications now work when there’s no connection with Telegram servers, ability to hide notifications from private chats, optimized notifications on Samsung devices with edge-screen and so on.

Other improvements are,

  • Increased app launch speed: Keep in mind that first launch after updating Telegram X may take a while since it has to optimize the database for each account;
  • App Recovery: whenever Telegram X fails to launch due to an unresolvable error, next time you launch the app, you will see the recovery screen that should help to resolve the issue;
  • Online member count in all groups. Improved total member count calculation and more



Telegram X: Google Play Store

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