Top Zombie Shooting Games for Android in 2013 (So Far)

Are you feeling stressed at work and those sweet cutesy games just aren’t doing the trick for you? Then zombie shooting games are your best bet. Yes, if you’re tired of playing Candy Crush Saga and are in the mood for some blood and gore or would very much like to shoot someone’s head off, zombie shooting games are your go-to forms of digital entertainment. And if you’re wondering what the top zombie games are for Android, we have the list of the best ones for 2013 that you can download and play. So read on and get that game face on.


Gun Zombie: HellGate

This is a first person shooting (FPS) game that’s going to get you hooked once you get used to it. The jam-packed menu means that the learning curve’s going to take longer than usual but once you get the hang of it, it’s hours of zombie shooting galore for you. The logic of the game is quite simple. You use your left thumb to turn your gaze and look for approaching zombies and you use your right thumb to shoot at them.

zombie shooting games

What makes this game better than the others is the fact that you’re starting out with a decent enough weapon. Unlike in others where you’re stuck with a lame pistol with limited ammo, in GZH, you’re given a weapon that’s okay for beginners. Of course, the higher the points you get, the better your weapons.

Download Gun Zombie: HellGate at Google Play

Contract Killer Zombies

contract killer zombiesshooting app

CK Zombies is one of those games that will surely test your accuracy, reflexes, strategy, and patience. The point of the game is quite simple – to shoot and kill zombies. The only difference between CK Zombies and Gun Zombie is that in Hellgate, unlike in GZH, you protect the survivors instead of yourself. You carry out missions with this red-headed gal. While she goes out to get stuff for survivors like food and other supplies, you try and protect her by shooting the zombies that are out to get her. You fail once the zombies successfully kill her and rip her to shreds. What will probably irk you is that you start out with a lame pistol that has a pathetic damage and accuracy level. Upgrading to a much better firearm would take time as missions become harder and harder to accomplish simply because you don’t have the right weapon. It will also take a very long time for you to download the game because at 360 mb, it’s quite huge. Once you start playing, though, you’ll see that the graphics are pretty awesome and the game is quite addictive.

Download Contract Killer Zombies at Google Play

Dead Trigger

dead trigger top zoombies

If you’re pretty comfortable with turning your gaze, running across in-game environments, and shooting at zombies that are out to get you all at the same time, Dead Trigger is the game for you. Higher levels of multi-tasking capabilities are required when playing this game. Like in CK Zombies, Dead Trigger shows you a map, allowing you to explore different areas and do different missions. Of course, your task is to kill zombies and complete missions without getting killed. As you move up levels, you get to meet new kinds of zombies. Complete missions and you get rewards.

Download Dead Trigger at Google Play

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So whenever you have a bad day at the office or you just feel like killing someone, keep these zombie shooting games handy in your business phone. You never know when you’ll need such effective stress-busters that will definitely help you keep your cool or keep you sane.

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