Twitter comes with new notification filters for muting other accounts


The new advanced Twitter update helps you to mute other accounts on special criteria. One of the biggest update is that you can filter out the new users. The one who you don’t follow and the one who don’t follow you can be little issue of small account holders.

This is neither beneficial for users with large followings too. This update does not block people who fall in criteria but you will surely not get any notifications from those users.

We all love to tweet and follow celebs, politicians and other popular figures. You will also find abuses, trolls and other immature issues. So, Twitter has come up with this new update. This will help the abusers and trollers to stay away from the popular people. The haters can’t post or tweet anything in the celebs tweets.

The update is available in both the app as well as in the website. If you want o start then head over to your notifications timeline in the app. After that, tap the gear icon at the bottom and pops into “Advanced filters”. Then go to the Settings and make your choices.

This new update can be helpful for many, but for new and small account users it is of no help.

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