How to use Gboard built-in search with ease


Google’s renamed old keyboard app, Gboard is now available across iOS and Android devices for a while now. This updated keyboard app is one of the best third-party keyboard apps currently available. It packs some pretty useful and handy features, one of the most important being, built-in Google search.

Google’s newer keyboard app comes with a fully integrated Google Search engine, emojis and GIFs search, and more. Gboard’s built-in search comes really handy when you want to look for any information while you are engaged in a chat conversation. Now, there’s no need to open a separate app or switching apps to search for any information. All can be done within the Gboard app now.

How to use Gboard built-in search

  • Tap the “G” icon on the top-left corner of your keyboard as indicated in the video above.
  • Now the search field will appear, type your query and tap enter to see the results.
  • Based on your search criteria, suggestions will show up on the top for you to easily choose from.
  • If your search phrase brings multiple search results, you can choose from the results that exactly or closely matches with what you are looking for, tapping one will enter its link in the text field.
  • If your search phrase is unique and brings a single search result, press the Share button below to enter it in the text field.

Furthermore, you can now search for emojis and GIFs that you can use to quickly find the right one. For this, you need to tap on the “Emojis” icon at the bottom right corner. A search bar will appear and you can tap on it and enter the type of emoji you need.

For instance, if you need an emoji with ‘Excited’ expressions, you just need to type ‘Excited’ in the search bar, and it will show you all the emojis with the same expression. You can use the search bar to enter the emotion you are feeling and see quick results in the form of emojis. Same goes for GIFs, but the GIF feature will only work in text fields where GIFs are allowed.

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