Vector Unit Back in Action, as Riptide GP2 Hits Android on 23rd July!


Vector Unit, the developer behind the popular and famous gaming title Riptide GP series will be back in action with the second franchise of the Riptide series, which will be the Riptide GP 2.  There is lot of buzz about the game on social networking site Reddit. The topics on it were varied, however it looks like they have managed to put up few details about the game. In short, what is known is that the game is scheduled for a next week’s release with a relatively lesser price tag than it’s former game.

reptide gp2

Riptide GP 2 will be available on 23rd July with an price tag of $3. With that, the Vector team also released an teaser-style trailer for the game which promises more action and adventure back in mid-june , however the news can be traced onto March when it was shown  for the NVIDIA SHIELD.

The SHIELD version is the one which is heavily optimised for the Tegra 4 Processor and came alone with how it can make a bigger splash than the original one. Some of the Tegra 4 Enhancements being HDR lighting and boosted reflection shaders as well as enhanced water and particle effects. Basically an overall improvement with the graphics. Checkout the video:

While the game on Tegra 4 did looked awesome, but for Android users it comes good that it doesn’t needs Tegra 4 processor. It is also slated that the game would measure 48 MB for download.

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