Verizon Messages 4.0 Allows Texting Across Phone, Tablet And PC


Verizon has rolled out update to its Messages app. The Verizon Messages 4.0 app now include various changes and new features. The most important addition Verizon has added to the app is cross platform texting. Now you can sync your messages and text to PC or even browser.

version messages 4.0

Verizon Messages 4.0 brings many helpful features to the carrier’s customers. The most useful one is probably the new “Integrated Messaging System,” whereby all messages sent to and from your phone number can be synced across devices and to a Web client.

You can even login from a phone, tablet, or through the web and see the last 90 days of messages that were received by your account. Now you can even store your messages on an SD card. There are also the option to get pop-up notifications, use custom signatures and customize the messaging experience. Now you can even pick up or change the background and the bubble colors.

Download from the Play Store.


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