Verizon Google Nexus Gets Android 4.3 Update


The Google breakfast meet lately revealed the official android 4.3 which is really late by the way.

Usually Verizon Galaxy Nexus is very late at updates as compared to other Carrier’s Nexus devices. Also a couple of Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus devices are 4 updates behind the official one’s.

But you are in luck this time as Verizon has announced Android 4.3 update on compatible Nexus Devices. Yes, the developers Over the XDA have made available for you to soloist ROM based on Android 4.3 which is nothing but a bit modifications to the AOSP ROM which is one of the best ROM in market.

Also the root access for the ROM is said to be achieved with a very easy tutorial.  While the Android 4.3 ROM for Verizon Galaxy Nexus is said to be very smooth with no force closes while working on the hardware but the ROM had a few bugs that force close a few of Google services. The developers clarion that the force closed will be cleared on the next update for sure by flashing a zipped file from any android recovery.

Unlocked devices are already getting the Android 4.3 updates. Google did not confirmed the update for the carrier-locked versions of the Galaxy Nexus. Also, Verizon hasn’t uttered anything regarding locked Galaxy Nexus will get Android 4.3 or not.

So enjoy Android 4.3 with your Verizon Galaxy Nexus today?


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