Whatsapp is live now after Massive Global Outage


Facebook owned Whatsapp underwent a massive global outage which lasted for about a few hours. Though it the issue is resolved now.


Whatsapp users were unable to use its services early morning today for few hours.

The Facebook owned messaging service was down in United States, Brazil, some parts in India and Canada too. So, here users were not able to use the service. Users who use Android, Apple and Windows phone were unable to use this service.

But in some places it was very bad as people started turning towards other messaging apps. In Brazil, most of the people depend for their work on Whatsapp, so they had no option of turning towards Telegram.

The downloads of Telegram have increased since then. Previously two times this outage took place in Brazil due to which Telegram got many new customers from Brazil. Earlier Whatsapp was in news for its new beta functions like pinning the chats etc. That was positive news but this outage is a negative one.

Well, when we look at the stats we can see that Whatsapp is sued by 1.2 Billion people worldwide. Facebook acquired Whatsapp in the year 2014 in a major $19 Billion.

Well, here we can hope that such issue does not happen again. And even if it happens again it should not last for a long time.

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