Xiaomi pulls MIUI 14.5 update to force adaption of Android 14

MIUI is loved by a huge number of users and it was even considered as one of the best UI based on Android. Subsequently, the brand claims that the number of active MIUI users has now exceeded 600 million worldwide. However, Xiaomi has reportedly decided to forego the release of the MIUI 14.5 upgrade in favor of concentrating on the impending MIUI 15 version. The report says that they are aiming to hasten the transition to Android 14, the most recent version of the Android operating system, which is what motivated the decision to forego MIUI 14.5 altogether.

As we shared a detailed article with you about Android 14 Developer Preview 1, it must have been clear to you that the most recent version of the Android operating system, Android 14, brings several improvements to user experience, speed, and security. Eventually, it takes a lot of development and testing for smartphone makers like Xiaomi to adapt their proprietary user interfaces, like MIUI, to function correctly with the latest Android version.

miui 14.5 pulled out to force adaption of android 14 based miui 15 - the go android
MIUI 14.5 pulled out to force adaption of Android 14 – The Go Android

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The Chinese Tech manufacturer wants to simplify its development efforts and concentrate them on the more important MIUI 15 release, therefore it has canceled the MIUI 14.5 upgrade. As a result, the business can devote more time and resources to modifying MIUI to reflect the changes and advancements made in Android 14.

The firm may release a more extensive set of features and optimizations by pulling the MIUI 14.5 upgrade and going straight to MIUI 15. The next MIUI 15 will feature the most recent improvements provided by Android 14, so users can anticipate a more streamlined and polished user experience.

Certainly, they are aware of the significance of guaranteeing smooth compatibility with Android 14, which is a significant update. Xiaomi can more closely match MIUI 15 with Android 14 and maximize the advantages that consumers can get from both the operating system and MIUI by giving the adaption process priority.

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The company’s dedication to delivering a smooth user experience and being current with the most recent Android version is demonstrated by Xiaomi’s choice to forego the MIUI 14.5 upgrade in favor of MIUI 15. Moreover, the brand hopes to maximize the compatibility between MIUI and the latest Android version, providing consumers with improved functionality and a streamlined user experience, by giving the Android 14 adaption process priority.

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