Yahoo Launches new Mobile Browser, Yahoo Axis, Coming Soon For Android


Yesterday Yahoo launched its Mobile browsing client, Yahoo Axis for iOS and it can also be used as a plug-in for IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. For Android Yahoo axis is coming soon. Users will catch latest trends and thumbnails of search results while searching. flash is not suppoted by this browser as its purely HTML 5 Browser. Yahoo Axis will be available for free from the Apple App Store Later Today.

Source: Yahoo


  1. The Axis ad pop up in my search window every timeI try to search for something on my android phone. It doesn’t even work on the androids and doesn’t give my a way to stop the ad from popig up, I have to push the very small “x” on the right side of the ad that is usually not even on the screen. Big pain, bad idea by yahoo to send an ad to a platform that it dosen’t work for.


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