Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Update of Android 4.0.4 Is Now Available For Download


Without uttering a word Verizon started rolling out Android 4.0.4 update to Galaxy Nexus. It took hardly some few minutes for modders over XDA to convert into .ZIP file ready for flashing. The latest update is packed with a lot of performance improvements, stability upgrades, and bug fixes. Check out instructions. If you’re not rooted or don’t have a custom recovery, you will have to wait for the OTA.


Instructions [Rooted users]:

1.  First, you have to be stock and rooted, running 4.0.2 (ICL53F).
2.  You also have to be running the stock radios ek02 and ek05.
3.  Download the update file to your internal storage.
4.  Rename to if you’d like.
5.  Reboot into recovery and make a backup just to be safe.
6.  Select “install zip from sdcard” and then “choose” and find the file.
7.  Apply it and reboot. Enjoy 4.0.4 and hopefully a lot less bugs.

For Full Instructions Head over to here.


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