Google Drive’s Free Storage Increases To 15GB !

Where the company dropped the Google SMS search the same day Google promises to increase the free storage permission given to Google drive users from 5GB to 15GB (well you can use 15 GB for all three products — Google+ photos, Gmail and Google Drive).  The changes will roll out over the next couple of weeks,” Google said in a blog post. This is announced just a few days before the Google I/O meet 2013.

google drive 15 gb
Just remembering what other networks allow we have Dropbox which currently offers 2GB to free subscribers, Microsoft SkyDrive users get 7GB at the start, and Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud Storage, and SugarSync offer 5GB for free. Where the same was Google with 5GB but this was the past now onwards Google drive will be giving the maximum online storage.

We are not at all informed of why this upgrade is made to give its users another reason to die for Google drive account or there is another big plan that makes Google fetch more money than it usually makes with Google drive. It can be possibly that Google makes some kind of sync with new products introduced at Google I/O meet 2013 that needs more multimedia cloud storage.

what may it be ? We just know that we now will be getting 15GB and we gonna utilize it ! Stay tuned to get latest updates on Google I/O meet 2013

Update: 15GB free allowance which covers all three products.

Umpreet Singh
Umpreet Singh
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