Android Distribution Numbers: Kitkat Jumps To 2.5% and Jelly Bean Rock Solid With 62% Share


Well here are the of the Android Versions share for the March month of the 2014. As according to the fresh readings it seems that Kitkat has been evolving with a little boost up from the last month’s share. Also Jelly Bean has been strengthening its position in the Android with 62% share on the Android Devices. It is the most evolved version of the Android after Gingerbread.


As said above Kitkat aka Android 4.4 has managed to crack up the 2.5% market share from 1.8% in last month. Android 4.1-4.3 Jelly Bean grew to a 62 percent share, continuing its reign atop the Google dessert pile. Gingerbread comes in second place with 19% market share, and ICS holds 15.2%.

Well main point for the talk is the Kitkat market growth. Until now which is staggering but we will see some good growth in its accent as most of the manufacturers are now providing Kitkat updates to their flagship devices. Like Samsung is providing Kitkat update to its International Galaxy S4 and also Galaxy S5 launch will put some difference in the numbers of Kitkat’s Market Share.

Hope Kitkat will pick up pace in getting more and more share in the Android Market with the launch of the new products.

Source: Google Developers


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