[APK Insight] Google Photos devise ‘Storage saver’ tier that’s ‘free and unlimited’ for Pixel users


We all know that Google will put an end to its unlimited free backup service in the Photos app next month. However, it seems that its the company’s own Pixel phones are an exemption. A recent update to Google Photos reveals that apparently, the search giant is working to introduce a new “Storage saver” tier that will be “free and unlimited” for Pixel users.

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Google’s special exclusion of Pixel smartphones could be a way to give it a hike in the smartphone market by making sure that these devices have an unlimited backup option. The company will probably launch this feature with Pixel 5a 5G, which is expected to debut in June this year.

APK Insight

This is a decompiled latest version of an application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. While decompiling, various straps of codes appear which depicts the potential upcoming features. However, this is just an interpretation and there is no guarantee that Google will deliver these traits. But the focus is always on the ones that are about to finish.

Moving to insights, version 5.41 of Google Photos unveil a fourth “Storage saver” tier for Pixel owners. This is likely to offer a “slightly reduced quality,” of pictures or you can term it as “reduced resolution.” Here’s what made us guess so.

“<string name=”photos_backup_settings_saver_title_with_description”>Storage saver (slightly reduced quality)</string>”

If this stands true, it is clear that the tier will be “free and unlimited,” for Pixel smartphone users.

<string name=”photos_cloudstorage_strings_impl_policy_entry_pixel_saver”>Backing up in Storage saver from %s is free and unlimited</string>

<string name=”photos_cloudstorage_strings_impl_saver_learn_more_footer_pixel_express”>Unlimited storage in Storage saver or Express only applies to photos &amp; videos backed up from this Pixel device. &lt;a href=help:&gt;Learn more&lt;/a&gt;</string>

As you could see the “Storage saver” and “Express” mentioned on the same string, means that they are accompanied by each other.

Storage saver


The previous three-tiers of Google photos are:

  • Original quality tier: It emphasizes straightforwardly that counts towards 15GB of free storage and any subsequent Google One subscription.
  • High-quality tier: The pictures here are compressed to 16MP to make more space and store the maximum possible images. This option is going to end on 1 June.
  • Express backup: This is available for some countries where photos are compressed to 3MP, and that will also start counting against the storage quota the following month.Storage saver
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