Backup by Google One: The new Android backup system

Until now, we were using the backup tool integrated with the Android OS for backing up our data while switching devices. But now, Google introduced a unified backup option that can even backup your photos, media and even MMS using the native backup service on Android devices.

backup by google one: the new android backup system
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Presently, the Android backup tool covers app data, SMS, call history, connections, Wi-Fi settings, wallpaper, display settings, input and language settings, date/time. All of these were available to you for recovering while switching smartphones. However, in addition to these things, Google One Backup will offer an option to back up their personal data like photos, MMS, and other media.

Android backup tool backs up your data and stores it on your drive without any additional charge. It is not included in the 15 GB free cloud backup you get with a Google account. The new unified Backup by Google One will also do the same but with some exceptions such as the photos and media, that will still be counted against your 15 GB cloud storage.

The new unified Backup by Google One will be available in your smartphone settings. You need not download the Google One app separately for the purpose. Google One Backup will make the backup process easier as the user doesn’t have to back up things seperately.

Backup by Google One has started rolling out for Android devices having Android 8.0(Oreo) or above. The update will be available for every Android device in the coming weeks.

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