BBM for Android coming “within days”, Reports Its CMO


Woes after woes, worries after worries, tensions after tensions the whole scenario of the BlackBerry is not quite good.

bbm for all

First of all, it was a buyout matter which is after all in the news these days. Even it is said that Google is onboard to buyout Blackberry Boys’. The main reason behind is lack of timely upgrades. For once in back 2000’s, Blackberry (then called RIM) was on high. The same status that Samsung is enjoying these days. But after the entry of iPhones and Android phones in the market, Blackberry failed to keep up the momentum and eventually are retarding to these day.

No matter what, Blackberry is still enjoying some of success relied on BBM Messenger, the once exclusive messenger for BBM devices, which is now being ported to iOS and Android atmosphere.

The iPhone folks have got their hands on the BBM for iOS, but Android folks are yet to have a glimpse on it. The actual date of launch for Android has to be postponed, due to some key failures. The major failure, as stated by the BB team is the “leaked’ version of the app has been installed on many device (which surprisingly counts more than 1 million devices).

But in the middle of nowhere, Blackberry insisted that the BBM for Android will be available soon on the Play Store.

BlackBerry’s chief marketing officer Frank Boulben has told Reuters in an interview that his company will finally be releasing BBM for Android application “within days,” after the proposed roll-out was suspended earlier.

He also stated that Blackberry has fixed issues that arose after the initial cross-platform launch of the messaging service last month.

To remind you, main companies also add ties with Blackberry, offering BBM pre-installed on selected devices. The major ties were with Samsung and Micromax. The later on even started branding it, which ultimately was a facepalm.

We hope that this time, Blackberry gets it right.

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