Best Features of Samsung OneUI 3.0 (Enhanced UI, Improved Camera UI and Digital WellBeing)

Samsung gave a fortunate goodbye to last year by introducing their new customized skin — OneUI 3.0. After Samsung OneUI 2.5 unfurl, the brand initially started to roll out Android 11 update with its OneUI 3.0 interface on top of its Galaxy A series. It is designed to make smartphone experience easier and more visually appealing.

oneui 3.0

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If you’re a lucky Samsung user to get OneUI 3.0, take a glance at what extra is made available to you via this detailed feature story describing the best OneUI 3.0 features.

Changes that Samsung OneUI 3.0 carries

Visual boost

Samsung has polished the display of their handsets by introducing appealing yet beautiful UI elements. Users will get some additional perceptible changes such as:

  • Numerous new home and lock screen widgets are part of the package.
  • It introduced new dimming and blurring effect for notifications.
  • Enhanced handling of notifications and quick panels.
  • Icons like Device and Media shortcuts, gallery, clock, phone-book are re-positioned for easy access.
  • It makes everything look sleeker and less cluttering for effective usage such as volume control.
  • Easy access to music control and other imperative user information on the lock screen

Camera features

A good camera quality implies good social life in the digital era. The camera is among the primary features of a smartphone that user weighs in more while buying a smartphone. Tough UI 3.0 does not make any major change to camera however, it brings some bug fixes and added options like:

  • Undo Feature in Image Editor – In case, there’s a second thought after editing the picture, it can easily be restored to their previous version or original to rectify mistakes.
  • New Filters – There are new filters to take vibrant pictures. Moreover, camera modes like Single Take, auto-focus and auto-exposure have been improved.
  • Improved stabilization in devices which can achieve high zoom levels.
  • Finer gallery organization to find any missing picture or design it in your own way.

Update to Apps

  • Samsung Free

Left to the main home screen, lies the main panel of Samsung that provides you shortcuts, news and other information. This screen is not Google or Samsung Daily, now being called Samsung Free. Unlike the previous version, it only focuses on news and app suggestion that makes it less cluttered.

  • Digital Wellbeing

Apple made us familiar with the term digital wellbeing which is now adopted by every Android brand as well. Up next is Samsung, it has improved digital wellbeing option with OneUI 3.0 through which user can check on how long they’ve been using the phone and how much time they have donated to each application.

Miscellaneous inclusions

  • Support chat bubbles just like Messenger.
  • Customized colours, designs and animated GIFs.
  • Multiple categories to choose from for lock screen display.
  • Turn the screen off by double-tapping anywhere on the blank home screen.
  • You can now easily access keyboard settings under general settings of your device.

So these are some primary features of Samsung OneUI 3.0.

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