Download: 14 Premium Apps for free, 8 discounted Apps on Play Store


The Google Play Store is a big place. Whatever you are searching for, there are literally millions of apps free and paid on there to choose from. Sometimes App developers put an app on sale or make it available for free but the deals are hard to find. So, today we are bringing you one such compilation.

We are listing 14 apps which are free for a limited time. Of course, this is for the U.S version of the Play Store. You will have to visit the link to find out whether the deal is on for your particular country as well. We also have 8 apps whose prices have been slashed considerably for a limited time to be a good deal. And Lastly, 1 app that is going for 10 cents (or the equivalent) for a limited period. Remember that these apps will remain free after you install them at the time of the offer. However if you uninstall them within the Play Store’s refund window, they will cease to be free.  So, here we go!

Pocket Yoga

 $2.99 -> Free; 2 days left

Pocket Yoga is your ultimate guide for your early morning yoga sessions. There are 27 different sessions which can be set to the ideal difficulty and variation required. It comes with detailed illustrated images to make sure you do it the right way. It’s free for now. What are you waiting for?

Play Store

Student Agenda Pro

$1.99 -> Free; 6 days left

Student Agenda Pro is an app for students who are serious about their studies and consider time as a more valuable asset than money. Using this app user can organize their day to day assignments and appointments so they can complete things before a deadline.

Play Store

Voice Recorder Pro (License)

$2.49 -> Free; 7 days left

The Voice Recorder Pro is well, a voice recorder with some exras features like background running and security patterns and a floating button to start recording in a single tap.

Play Store

KOKO (Screen timeout) for Wear

$0.99 -> Free; 5 days left

Play Store

Noise FM – Unlocker

$9.99 -> Free; 4 days left

Play Store

Darkest Dreams (Puzzle Game)

$0.99 -> Free; Time left not specified

Play Store

Icon Packs and customization

  1. Emperial Icon Pack – $1.49 -> Free; 1 day left
  2. My Log Home 3D Live wallpaper – $2.48 -> Free; 3 days left
  3. Earth HD Deluxe Edition – $0.99 -> Free; 4 days left
  4. Unicorn Dark – Icon Pack – $1.49 -> Free; 5 days left
  5. MIUI 8 – Icon Pack – $0.99 -> Free; 5 days left
  6. Zed Zooper – $0.99 -> Free; 5 days left
  7. Memies – Icon Pack – $0.99 -> Free; 6 days left
  8. Flix – Icon Pack – $0.99 -> Free; 7 days left

The Following apps are discounted for a limited time period.

  1. MoneyWiz 2 – Personal Finance – $4.99 -> $0.99; 1 day left


  1. Brass – $6.99 -> $3.99; 5 days left
  2. Johnny Bonasera – $2.49 -> $1.49; 7 days left
  3. Eclipse – $6.99 -> $4.99; Time left not specified
  4. Royal Dungeon – $2.99 -> $0.99; Time left not specified
  5. The Quest – $7.99 -> $4.79; 5 days left; Time left not specified
  6. The Quest – Isles of Ice&Fire – $3.99 -> $2.49; Time left not specified

Icon packs & customization

  1. AMOLED mnml XL – $1.49 -> $0.99; 5 days left

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