Facebook Messenger Allows you to Play Chess with a Code


Facebook Messenger has inbuilt capabilities of allowing you to play Chess. You can come up with chess board by simply typing “secret code”.

Facebook Messenger chess

There are many apps and games that allow you to play chess. Well, you not need to install third party apps for playing chess as Facebook Messenger has inbuilt Chess. After typing the “secret code” you need to enter @fbchess play in order to start the game against an opponent.

You use Standard Algebraic Notation to move the pieces: P is pawn, N is knight, B is bishop, R is rook, Q is queen and K is king. So the code would be something like “@fbchess Pb4” if you wanted to move your pawn. There are also other commands like “@fbchess draw offer” if you think neither of you can make any more moves, “@fbchess undo” if you made a mistake, “@fbchess resign” if you want to quit, and many other commands that you can see if you type in “@fbchess help”.

You can play it and start scrolling about it on your messenger app.

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