Facebook Messenger is Showing a “Review Privacy” Message

Recently we have witnessed that how protected data by a mammoth firm Facebook can be stolen. Two names are in the highlights: Cambridge Analytica and aggregate IQ. A few days back the firm has suspended AggregateIQ and today we are back with some fresh information to feed you, folks. As per new details, Facebook Messenger is depicting a new message which contains some precious details related to security issues. So if you are a Facebook Messenger user then you should be aware of it, let’s know more about it.

facebook messenger is showing a "review privacy" message

Typically in Europe region, this message is popping out in the Messenger app, according to it a user should check his/her privacy settings. In case you don’t know new GDPR(General Data Protection Laws) will come into force soon and this means that the data of users will be protected against the unofficial export/import of data.

These laws were earlier accepted by the European Parliament. This new message directs people to check their privacy settings by 25th May otherwise they will not be able to use Messenger anymore.

If you are living in Europe region then you may have noticed the message appearing when you open the Messenger. It shows a full-screen message so ignoring it is not the case here. We are expecting this popup message to appear globally soon, however, the privacy review option, for now, appears to be in testing phase.

The message “please review your data settings” was first reported by the business insider and soon stealing data from social platforms like Facebook will be nearly impossible.

Akshay Dua
Akshay Dua
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