How to Fix Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Scanner Problems


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is an amazing phone and carries a revolutionary ultrasonic fingerprint scanner onboard. Despite the multiple features, it caught the attention of many users due to its problems. For some users, it didn’t work properly and led to multiple issues on the device. Today in our write-up, we will let you know how to solve Galaxy S10 fingerprint issues.

Fix 1: Press little Harder

The Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner is highly touch-sensitive and due to lack of force applied it may stop working. We recommend you to apply to touch it with little more force.

Fix 2: Install Latest OTA Updates

If there is an issue from Samsung side, then the company will soon roll out a new OTA update to fix the issue. So make sure you install the latest OTA Updates as soon as possible. They may also roll out a new update to improve the response time and speed of the fingerprint scanner.

Fix 3: Switch on screen sensitivity

If there are any issues with the screen or the fingerprint reader we will recommend you to improve screen sensitivity in the settings by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Find the Display menu from the list of options
  3. Keep scrolling down until you find the Touch Sensitivity option.
  4. Toggle and set it to ON to increase touch sensitivity and you are done.

Fix 4: Factory Reset

To Factory Reset the Galaxy S10, you can follow our in-depth guide.

Fix 5: Visit Service Center

If still, the Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor is not working properly, then surely it will be a hardware issue. Visit your nearest Samsung service centre to get it checked.

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We hope you might have fixed the Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner problems. If there’s a question, you can ask us in the comments below.

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