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Google’s music streaming service Play Music introduced a limited four-month free trial offer for new users at the end of May. Prior to that, the service came free for three months at subscription. At that time it wasn’t clear how long that offer would last. But it seems, after more than three months, that incentive is still intact. A Reddit user pointed out to the news. Subscribers will have to pay $9.99 after the free run is over. However, if they wish to opt-out, they can do so before the 4th month ends. After that Google will automatically charge for another month of service.

play music 4 months

After that Google will automatically charge for another month of subscription
If someone is still looking around for a new music service, this could be it. Compared to rivals like Apple Music and Spotify, Google does have some uniques in its service. For example, users can save up to 50,000 tracks on the cloud thus saving precious hardware storage. This feature comes free with every subscription. The service also lets users create custom playlists and recommends new songs based on what you normally listen.

That’s not all, Google Play Music users also get YouTube Red subscription for free. This can give users access to ad-free content and YouTube’s original series. We don’t know for how long Google will keep this going but do let us know if you got the subscription or not.

Use this link to subscribe for free on Google Play Music: Link


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