Get Insurance On Your Current Verizon Handset, Enroll Phone Before December 2nd


It is always a big dilemma to get insured or not for your priced possession. Well the thought is of the consumer and the bearer. Some may think fine if they need to pay a few bucks after it has gone from a bad phase but some live in a peace of mind about their device after getting insured. It always will be a great confusion to which customer category you fall.


Well that’s all upto you, we are just here to let you know that Verizon is presently open enrolling for insurance of its customers with Asurion , They have nicely priced and well established plans that may take you along with the plans. The offer is on the Verizon’s official website which will last on 2nd December starting today.

They have a $5/month plan which includes just extended warranty, and also they have a $10/month plan which includes device replacement, security services and full support.

Just head on to get your device insured.

Stay tuned for more.

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