Google+ 41 New Features: Card Design, New Hangouts And Much More


Google has announced many new features to its social web — Google+ has been blessed by 41 new features which allows users to use it more fastly and simply. New updates will start rolling out later today, Google+ users will be seeing their social content in a new way thanks to a multi-column format fit for any size screen.

google + 41 changes

Now users will be able to see 3 multi tabbed streams for content on Google +. Another features Google added is the ability to click on a photo to flip it over and view related photos under that same hashtag.

Google has united the Gmail Chat and Google + chat in to hangouts which allows cross platform chatting and video messaging.

Google’s Vic Gundotra said at I/O today in San Francisco that “Technology should get out of the way so you can live, learn, and love.”

Additionally, Google + Now can create GIF Animated images automatically, along with improved Images at google+ social site. Google is utilizing every bit to use Nik Software which they bought last year. Google+ can now, for example, automatically enhance the tonal distribution in an image, soften skin, sharpen certain parts of an image and remove noise – and all of those computations happen in the cloud.

Much More: Google IO 2013


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