Google Adds Yoga Cards With Images, Descriptions and Benefits


If you want to do yoga and not able to go for yoga classes for proper instructions. Now Google will help you with its new cards on the google search with all the information regarding that particular pose which you have searched.

google search yoga cards

When you search on google like “yoga posses” it shows all the posses available with their information. when you search by the yoga pose name like “Lotus postion”, “Handstand”, “shavasana”,etc it will show you the several images showing the pose, a description with the multiple names it’s known as in different languages, the muscles it strengthens, and the pose type.

It seems that Google is now upgrading its search because of the minor decrease in the search. Few days back Google also testing the new weather cards in Google now which shows that some more changes will come to the Google search and Google Now in near future.

Stay tuned for more information and tell us about this new cards in the search via comments.

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