Google And Asus Refunding Money To Buyers Who Ordered It Before Price Drop In Europe



ASUS is refunding money back to buyers who ordered Asus Nexus 7 before price drop in Europe. So guys who didn’t applied €30/£25 (approx. $38) voucher than head over here to apply. Users are eligible to apply for a voucher through November 30th with funds expiring on December 31st.

Now users who bought it or ordered Nexus 7 16 GB from Google Play Store on or after October 14th they may also get their $50 back into their accounts.

Additionally, Google introduced this tablet at Google IO this year but recently the two new 16 GB and 32 GB Nexus 7 variants were also launched along with Nexus 4. Couple of days ago Radioshack was offering 32 GB version for $299. Similarly today one more news breaks out about Nexus 7 which got combusts.

via The Verge


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