Nexus 7 Combusts With Full Smoke


Nexus 7 is now part of combustion club as it combust while charging. Chinese mobile owner hong 999990 reported and said “Tragedy, my nexus 7 charging process of spontaneous combustion occurred in the early hours of the morning, the room full of smoke billowing, but fortunately no fire, we care ah! “

Chinese Forum explains that the user was using the factory OEM charger and the device was only left charging for a total of 3 hours before spontaneously combusting. You can see images above and below how its combust and look like toast.

Its all body or corpse has melted and interior hardware is also burned out. So now we can say Nexus 7 is hot Tablet. ASUS yet to explain the cause of combustion an its likely caused by chemical reactions inside the battery. Until that ASUS has already dealt with the matter, sending off a shiny new replacement.

So what your views on this incident?

Source: Baidu


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