Google Assistant allows access to over 5 Million Recipes


Gone are the days when you need to peep into your cookbooks or head to your phone with messy hands to search for a recipe while cooking. Your beloved Google Assistant can now access over 5 million recipes just for you. Essentially any dish you think of, Google Assistant and Google Home can now walk you through the cooking process step by step.

First, you’ll need to use Google to pick one recipe and send it to the device using the “Send to Google Home” button.

Once you’re ready to cook, prompt your Google Home with a command, like “OK, Google, start cooking,” or “OK, Google, start recipe.”

While you’re following Assistant’s directions, you’ll still be able to use your Google Home to do other stuffs like listening to music and set voice commands.

The new recipes come courtesy of partnerships with Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Food Network, and others.

This feature will roll out to Google Home owners starting this week.

You and I know Cooking is an Art and now your Google Assistant knows that too.


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