Google Home app with a revamped design is now rolling out globally

A preview program was launched in November for people to test Google’s update, and it remained there for months. Back in April 2023, Google released an update for the Google Home app offering some new features to the app. Certainly, now the app is getting another app with a redesigned interface.

The newly released Google Home app has five tabs. The Favorites page is where you may pin your most often-used smart devices and automation. You can now check your Spaces, which classify your gadgets like lights, cameras, Wi-Fi, and climate, on the Favorites tab as well.

google home app gets a revamped design update - the go android
Google Home App gets a revamped design update – The Go Android

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The Devices tab will display your devices as you are used to seeing them grouped by room while the Activities tab provides a more detailed account of significant events, like motion events that your Nest cameras have recorded. A distinct page is given to automation, covering personal and domestic routines, and a Settings tab makes it simple to change how your various devices operate. In addition, the Inbox will alert you to difficulties with your smart devices, subscription reminders (like Nest Aware), and other tidbits.

The updated app will also provide a better overview of your cameras, with access to all of your camera feeds from the app’s Cameras Spaces area. Additionally, you can add camera feeds to the Favourites menu. Google continues by saying that compatibility for first-generation Nest cameras would soon be added to the revamped Home app.

Beginning in July, customers of Home’s Public Preview will be able to access the first-generation Nest Cam Indoor, with the original Nest Cam Outdoor following later. In “the coming months,” Google claimed, the Home app will include support for older Nest cameras. Matter support will now be available to Google Home users using iOS devices. When Apple releases iOS 16.5 (anticipated to come next week), that is planned to take place immediately.

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