Google is close to launch “Stamp”, a Snapchat Rival with AMP

A new report by The Wall Street Journal says Google is working to fuse its AMP tech (fast loading web pages) with a Snapchat Stories-like feature that would show news and ads. Google would call the feature Stamp, which is a combination of “st” from stories and “amp” from its own tech. The internet search pioneer is already in talks with CNN, The Washington Post, Time, and Vox Media.

google is close to launch "stamp", a snapchat rival with amp

Google would show the resulting news under the search bar where Android users are recommended stories and websites. The feature would be centered around mobile users.

Since the stories would be fused with AMP technology, the pages would load faster and also serve advertisements that Google wants to show. Both Snapchat and Google earn their revenues mainly from advertising. Google is targeting Snapchat’s traffic to an extent with Stamp.

But an even bigger threat to Google is Facebook’s Instant Articles. Facebook’s approach is app-based while Google’s strategy is web-centric. Facebook poses as a social media giant where users can seek info through the app on mobile while Google wants users to keep cranking the search engine.

Recently, It is reported that Google urge to acquire Snapchat is now turned down for $15 Billion.

With Stamp, Google has taken the initiative to attract more users by encouraging publishers to create their own stories for Google’s product. Some details regarding revenue share and posting on its own websites remain sketchy. Further, it is reported the feature is rolling out in about a week.


Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum
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