Google Comes Up With Another Trick On April Fool’s Day

Everybody is coming with their own level of prank on day of jocularity and Google just cant sit and watch all this without doing any prank .They just cant let they day pass without doing any prank or trick. So they did it again on April fool’s day. The search giant played a prank on April 1 with TLD trick ending


Google’s twitter account tweeted “sometimes its important to reflect” starting their day of fickleness and Machiavellian across the world. Google did their prank by using their own top level domain, all –users were suggested to visit, instead of regular

It has predictable layout, but every little thing was in mirror mode, whether it is search box or graphics. That’s just a little prank by Google to fool their regular followers. Moreover, internet giant’s various branches came up with their own version of prank with different themes, like game of PAC-man on Google maps, Google Panda and hand free keyboard integrated into a paper party horn .


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