Google Offers To Play Pac-Man On Google Maps


Google has converted the whole world into PAC-man game on Google Maps. It sounds great as well as genius and equally looks quite playful and cool. PAC man is famous now as Google displayed a giant version of the game on Google maps.


By doing this, Google map has allowed their customers to change their streets into maze so that PAC man can make its way around. It appears with 80’s music and sound effects to deliver the most famous character of the game history  directly into 21st century.

One can access to game by clicking the PAC man icon on the left of Google maps and sees that PAC man icon creates its free way from enemies Blinkly, Inky, Pinky and Clyde. However there is one change in the game that the yellow character will have to navigate and so gamers may want to ignore Milton Keynes.

Product manager of Google , Mitchell luo ,posted on blog  “When navigating fruit-filled streets, determine at a glance which turns to pass to evade ghosts and get where you’re going safely.

“When you’re feeling a bit peckish, you can simply gobble up a few PAC-dots or a cherry and keep on nommin’.”

It is not clear yet  whether the game is for April fool’s day or not . as last year Google created the pokemon challenge for April 1 . but , until you find out , you just enjoy the PAC man’s giant version.

Now you can play PAC man in actual life , cross side your office , home via the magic of Google maps.

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