Google Datally mysteriously removed from the Play Store


Datally is a mobile data-saver app by Google targeted at developing nations. The app made its debut back in November 2017 which was previously known as Triangle. Fast forward to October 2019, the datally app has been now mysteriously removed from the Play Store.

Google Datally Data Monitoring App

From 2017, Google started releasing Go apps which are light versions of most commonly used apps like YouTube and others. These Go apps are meant for the audiences using cheap budget smartphones. These apps are smaller in size compared to their original counterparts and also they consume fewer data. Later, Google released Android Go, a trimmed-down version of the Android operating system meant for smartphones with 1GB or lesser RAM. This version of the Android operating system comes with all the Go apps from Google pre-installed.

Google Datally was also released at the same time to help users monitoring their mobile data usage. The app allows users to restrict the background usage of selected apps and much more. The app was updated several times down the line adding new features and crushing bugs. However, all of a sudden, the app has been now mysteriously removed from the Play Store.

It is not new for Google to kill their apps and services. But this instance is strange as the app has a lot more potential and it is really useful especially if you rely on mobile data. Google is yet to comment on the removal of Datally from the Play Store.

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