Google Drops SMS Search, Basic Phone Users Gets Another Downfall


If you are a basic feature phone user then you will most probably be knowing what importance is the Google SMS Search of. it would be another breakdown for a basic feature phone user if the Google SMS service comes to an end .  randy from now onwards it is a break down as Google recently reported that it may be backing off the Google SMS Search as it has not been off good for past few days also. also a Google employee explains this shut down in a very short term- “streamlining”.

The Google SMS service has been relying with a shut down error when a query is sent via SMS. though we got an inner instinct according to which we can consider being the basic feature phone a minority in the new smartphones market Google may have been gone with trend as the is no use to help the minority whose strength has a downfall daily. moreover in the new world web access smartphones there’s no need to use this feature as one can just Google it from the screen.

Also this unadvanced fall of the Google SMS service will further make many basic feature phone user to soft to the  new smartphones which will be a good thing for Google again.  stay tuned for more updates about Google


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