Google Duo calls now appears in your call history with new update


Google Duo can now officially add its own calls to your call’s history. This feature was reported to be in the works early on last month. But it wasn’t operational. With the new Duo 14 app update now you’ll be able to use this feature.

Google Duo

Duo isn’t that much used and this feature isn’t all that groundbreaking but it will help frequent callers. When you update to the latest version, it will ask for permission to manage phone calls. After permission, you will start seeing your video calls of Duo in your call history. The call history will show a small camera to denote a video call in the Google Dialer. While other dialer apps will not differentiate between duo calls and others.

Before the update showed up some users also noted they were seeing requests to make phone calls. More recently, the video calling app reached 100 million downloads and added audio calling making it much more attractive. If you are interested in the update you might want to check it out on the Play Store.

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