Google fixes the ghost-dialing problem in Pixel 6

Last month, Google released the Pixel 6 series with is claimed to be the best in a long time. The lineup features a new design, an astonishing camera, a dynamic theme based on Android 12, and much more. But as we know, nothing is perfect. So is the case with Pixel 6, the device seems to have some issues like a slow fingerprint scanner, ghost-dialing, and a few more. Finally, Google has started addressing the problems as the latter one is getting a fix.

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Lately, some Pixel 6 users were reporting that their smartphone would light up anytime and say that it’s calling XYZ (a random person from the contact list). The scene was happening at different times with different contacts, all by itself. Eventually, more users with a similar problem were joining the discussion. However, the issue got major when other Pixel devices users also reported the same issue. Some Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a users also started complaining about the ghost calling. But Google has finally looked into the matter and resolved it.

According to the Pixel community manager, the ghost dialing problem will be smashed once the user updates the Gooogle app to the latest version 12.43.18 or higher. That means you can now toggle on the Google Assistant without worrying that it might call random people on your contacts list.

If you are facing a similar problem in your Pixel 6 or any other Pixel device, you can simply resolve it by updating the Google app from the Play Store.

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